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Facial Treatments

Everyone's skin is unique, so it's important that you choose a facial that's just right for you. We have a handy guide below to the types of facial we specialise in at Keeley's Beauty Box. If you have any questions, just give us a call or drop us a message - we'll make sure you book a treatment that will leave your skin glowing! 



Targeting dullness, wrinkles, breakouts and more, in this treatment a small blade is used to remove any hair/peach fuzz and layers of dead skin. It is ideal for those with sensitive skin as it is less invasive than microdermabrasion but still leaves you with fresh, smooth skin without the need for harsh exfoliators.



Leaving you with plump, firm, and refreshed skin, this facial uses micro-fine needles (trust us, they are tiny, so no need to worry!) to encourage the production of collagen. It does so by increasing blood flow to the surface of the skin. Ideal for the real glow-getters out there!



Million Dollar
Facial © 

Our most advanced and luxurious facial deeply exfoliates dead skin cells, removes non terminal hair , flushes toxins, refines pores, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and stimulates natural collagen and cell turnover.  

A combination of cleansing, toning, derma-planing, micro-needling, a hyaluronic acid mask, facial massage and moisturiser.


( The Radiance + dermaplaning + microneedling )




A deep exfoliating facial , which uses vacuum and crystal technology to buff away dead skin cells, unclog the pores and reveal glowing skin. Keeley's Beauty Box uses diamond microdermabrasion, so the diamonds work the dead skin cells away and the vacuum removes them from your face, resulting in fresh, smooth skin.


( The Glow-Getter + microdermabrasion )


Using soothing, organic Neal's Yard Remedies products, this facial includes a cleanse, tone, facial massage and moisturising mask. A quick fix to get that smooth, glowing complexion when you have a little less time on your hands.  


The Radiance


The Glow-Getter

Using soothing, organic Neal's Yard Remedies products, this facial includes a cleanse, tone, exfoliation, steam & extraction, facial massage, mask and moisturise.

Restore radiance, revive dull skin and take a little extra me-time with this treatment. 


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